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I did it! I started my own business!!

The Admin Group has been a dream... that has now come true.

I have had a long career being an administrative assistant. Devoting myself to my employers and their business goals, learning along the way from professionals in many different backgrounds. Starting my career as a paralegal in Salt Lake City, Utah, for a workman's compensation firm, moving to estate planning and gun laws in Boise, Idaho. Then moving in a new and exciting challenge as an administrative assistant for second in command for an international Trona mining company.

It would be an understatement to say that I LOVE to work. I LOVE to be good at my job. I LOVE to learn and ask "why". I LOVE to have the answers for my boss, but to research when I don't have them. I LOVE to make things easier for my boss, my coworkers, and for myself. I LOVE to look at a work process and see how we can make it better for all involved.

With all of that love, there is a few things that I don't love so much.

I don't like the saying "It's always been done that way". Why? Why would that still be ok as time has changed, people have changed, processes have changed, the work has changed? Let's look at the process and see what can be improved.

I don't like waste. What a strange word, waste. In this context, I mean any part of a work process that is not being used to its full potential. That could be people that are not giving you 100% during the workday. It could be using extra of a material, ordering more than necessary, wait time in a business process. Any type of waste is just that, waste. It's not needed. It is a loss of money and time that should be put back into a business in a positive way.

With my career path it has fed my passion to be helpful to those around me. However, there has always been a part of me that wondered, why am I not doing this for myself? Why am I not helping more? What if I could do more, for more people and businesses? What would that look like? And the biggest question of all, can I actually be successful for my own dreams as I am for others?

So here I am. Here is The Admin Group. A remote administrative assistant company. Offering affordable professional assistance, clerical tasks, data entry, reporting, business organization, and even event planning. We are here to take tasks off of your desk, giving you back time and allowing you to be more present in your business.

The Admin Group is open. We are ready for our next project are you ready for us?!

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